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Nonimmigrant visas for work and business travel, Attorneys in Houston

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Nonimmigrant visas for work and business travel, Attorneys in Houston

The United States is an important player in the global marketplace. American employers create good conditions for employees, which in turn attracts people from all over the world. Foremost we are talking about skilled workers. Some visas allow you to get a green card after some time, and houston green card lawyer will help you. One of the most important points in the whole process of applying for a U.S. work visa is to choose the type of visa because the outcome of the process largely depends on it. Incorrect choice of visa type will be the reason for which the U.S. embassy officer will immediately issue a denial. In this case, you have to make a new application, pay the consular fee again and go through a lot of other formalities. To avoid this, we recommend you contact immigrant attorneys in Houston, TX, who have extensive experience in processing various U.S. work visas and are familiar with all the difficulties.

Work Visa

The h2b visa usa is part of the H-2 temporary work visa program. It is for temporary workers who are not engaged in agricultural work. The H-2B visa is used by a wide range of employers who need foreign workers for a variety of occupations.

Who can get an H-2B visa?

The H-2B visa program is designed to help U.S. employers find employees in occupations that are in sudden demand or when employers cannot find U.S. employees. Some professions and occupations available through the H-2B visa program are:
  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Cruise ships

  • Resorts and theme parks

  • Construction

  • Golf courses

  • Maintenance and cleaning

  • Ski resorts

  • Landscaping

  • Warehouses

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Retail Stores

Business visa

The B-1 visa allows you to come to the United States to participate in various business activities for a short period of time. Some of the largest companies in the world work in the United States. Millions of people visit the United States every year for business purposes. If you want to attend business events in the United States, apply to b1 visa lawyer Houston for obtaining the B-1 visa.

What can you do with a B-1 visa?

With a visa, you are allowed to visit the United States and perform certain business activities temporarily. A B-1 visa does not allow you to do other activities such as work or study. When visiting the country, you can:
  • Attend conferences and other business, educational, or professional events

  • Negotiate business contracts

  • Handle property matters.

  • Host meetings with business partners

  • Participate in a short training

  • Hiring or interviewing

Contact an immigration lawyer in Houston to determine which visa you need. Also, you can get answers to important questions: when can you get a visa, how to pass the interview, how long you can stay in the United States on a visa, whether you can come with family members.
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