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Is it possible to find a reliable lawyer in Loveland, CO? -Law Offices of Loomis & Greene

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Is it possible to find a reliable lawyer in Loveland, CO? -Law Offices of Loomis & Greene

Family law establishes the procedure for concluding and terminating a marriage, as well as the conditions and consequences of declaring a marriage invalid, regulates property and personal non-property relations between spouses, parents, and children (adoptive parents and adopted children), as well as between other relatives in cases provided for by law. Family law establishes the equality of the rights and responsibilities of parents in matters of upbringing, education, material support, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of their children, regardless of whether they live with their child or not, determines the procedure for placing children without parental care in foster families ... Today, family disputes, sadly to admit, are a very common and widespread phenomenon. People are increasingly turning to a Loveland family lawyer. This category of family disputes can include any disputes that have arisen between spouses, parents, and children, other family members regarding the exercise of personal or property rights. Law Offices of Loomis & Green have extensive experience in resolving family disputes both in Loveland and in other cities in Colorado.

What family law services we provide

We provide the following types of family services:
  • Consultation of a lawyer on family issues;

  • the assistance of a lawyer in divorce;

  • Services of a lawyer invalidation of marriage;

  • Division of the jointly acquired property of the spouses in court;

  • Recovery of alimony for the maintenance of children, spouse, as well as disabled parents (including in a fixed amount);

  • Help in determining the order of communication with the child;

  • A lawyer to determine the child's place of residence;

  • Legal services in cases of establishing and challenging paternity;

  • Attorney for deprivation of parental rights;

  • Legal services for the allocation of a marital share;

  • Consultation and legal assistance in the adoption (adoption) of a child;

  • Assistance in drawing up a marriage contract, an agreement on the payment of alimony, and other legally significant documents;

  • Other cases and services of a family lawyer.

How to avoid bankruptcy problems in Loveland, CO?

Only human rights defenders of narrow specialization can help in the painless conduct of the personal bankruptcy procedure. This is due to the complexity and specific nature of the process, the lack of judicial practice among lawyers who do not specialize in bankruptcy. Therefore, general practice lawyers are unlikely to be able to help you deal with the accumulated debts - they do not have the relevant knowledge and practical experience. And the outcome of the case largely depends on the correct choice of the representative. It is influenced by the strategy of actions chosen by the lawyer, the nature and completeness of the information presented during the proceedings. Doing all of this yourself, if you have not previously encountered personal bankruptcy precedents, is almost impossible. Here are just some of the benefits of going to an experienced lawyer bankruptcy Loveland Сolorado:

  • the ability to assess the likelihood of declaring you bankrupt;

  • preparation of a list of documents that will be necessary for the trial, assistance in their preparation;

  • assistance in choosing an SRO of financial managers, which is guaranteed to take on your case;

  • sending to the arbitration court an application and the required package of documents;

  • representing the client's interests during the trial. Besides, a competent individual bankruptcy attorney will arrange work with creditors, hold their meetings, and also perform all other tasks.

You can apply for legal assistance at any stage, but it is best to do it right away, as soon as you decide that only personal bankruptcy will help resolve your debt problem. In this case, the lawyer will initially build the correct strategy of action and will not waste time on correcting mistakes made due to the lack of the required experience and knowledge.

How to choose the right attorney in Loveland, CO?

How not to be mistaken in choosing Loveland CO attorneys? Analyze the results of the first consultation. This is not only about meeting a lawyer. At this meeting, the specialist can give you answers to many questions and offer a clear plan of action to resolve the problems that have been contacted. A lawyer is not only a specialist with a legal education who knows how to apply laws and who has the right to represent the client's interests in court. He must be a psychologist, able to quickly establish contact with the person who came to him, to determine the essence of his problem, and give the most detailed answers to the client's questions, based on the norms of the law.

Appearance, office, and other nuances that affect your opinion

What is important when choosing an attorney, and what can you ignore? It is not necessary to attach special importance to the location of the lawyer's office, his fame, or other external signs. Yes, like any specialist, a professional lawyer will try to look impressive, but you come to him for legal assistance and the professional skills of a lawyer are more important than the look of his suit. Choosing an attorney based on the territorial proximity of his office is also not a good idea. It is convenient when there is no need to spend a lot of time on the road to a specialist, but the professional qualities of a lawyer are much more important.
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